Who are we?

We are a family that grew up surrounded by dogs, and about 15 years ago fell in love with these big "house" dogs with small hearts. They are sometimes rough, and sometimes play too hard, but what a lovely specimen!

All our animals are house dogs spread around the homes of family members, who are also lovers of the breed. We spent a number of years in Holland where we patiently awaited the right bloodlines which we brought back to South Africa in order to improve the breed.

What do see in these dogs?

The ultimate dog - bred for his strength and outstanding qualities as the ultimate gladiator of all dogs, yet so loveable towards humans and other animals. A dog whose looks grow on you and once a Bull Terrier owner, always ...

What do we want to achieve ?

- Continuously improve the breed, keeping to the standard of what a bull terrier should look like.

- An evenly tempered dog that is known to be friendly towards his own family.

- To fight for the rights of these animals, and be actively involved in the Bull Terrier Community.

- Never to be satisfied with second best.